What’s Your Quality?

I was experiencing my diary and I kept running over this blog. It never got distributed, however I think now is the ideal time. It’s interesting how I kept running crosswise over it since I simply had a comparative discussion with a schoolmate.

Some of you might ask why you haven’t met Ms./Mr. Right at this time. The planning could not be right, and you may not be prepared. It is basic that you set yourselves up in each aspects of your life. You can’t anticipate that the correct individual will come into your life while you’re experiencing a similar way. It doesn’t work that way. Would you need them ill-equipped? You ought to be what you need out of your accomplice.

Some of you are of low quality.

Meaning of value: the standard of something as estimated against different things of a comparable kind; the level of perfection of something.

Meaning of low quality: of a low standard.

For instance, on the off chance that you buy a shirt of low quality it would therapist and blur after the principal wash. In the event that you buy a shirt of higher quality it keeps going longer; the general look is better. It works a similar path with us. On the off chance that you need better, you need to improve the situation. Tidy up your state of mind; change your pieces of clothing; and the way you talk. You are what you pull in.

What’s your quality?
Alicia E.


Sex Offenders Have A Facebook Too!

Y’all gon’ get enough of posting photos of your children up via web-based networking media. Regardless of whether you just include the general population you know, others have an alternative to tail you. Sex wrongdoers could be lining you just to stay aware of your tyke. When you post photos of your children you are giving them precisely what they need. You’d be amazed at what number of individuals were staying aware of the age of your tyke. Particularly the ones that have just achieved their youngsters. When they turn 18 they will begin plotting to get them. We as a whole experience that phase where we want to date more seasoned men/ladies. Approve… don’t act like I’m the just a single. We have ALL been there. In actuality, despite everything I’m pulled in to men 3 and 4 years more established than me.

Alright, back to the point of this post.

Try not to be the reason your kid gets got up to speed with your middle school/secondary school schoolmate! Consider it… we never discover one of our “Facebook companions” were into some chaos including other youngsters until the point that it’s disclosed on the 10 o’clock news! Some of them look extremely develop for their age. Another person would exploit them! Try not to give your tyke’s initial a chance to love wind up being one of your Facebook companions. I see how you feel. I use to post my child’s photos up constantly… birthday festivities, trips away, mama little girl dates, and so on. We’re simply pleased guardians, however it’s not protected any longer. The world has become insane and the web has gone insane. Everything necessary is one error. I needed to bring my little girl’s photographs down. We must be additional cautious.

It’s simple for a few people to sit behind a computer and compose words that hold no reality. A ton of them lead experience that aren’t satisfying to God. There are a considerable measure of broken people strolling around with the poker confront. Hurt individuals hurt other individuals. Is it right? No, yet it happens. We can’t shield them from everything and everyone, except something as little as keeping their names and photographs off of the web is an extraordinary begin.

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Alicia E. Andrews

All Children Need Love


It takes an extremely exceptional individual to love and administer to a youngster that has any sort of unique need. Extremely introverted youngsters… kids with Down disorder… kids with a psychological instability… kids with a hearing/visual/discourse weakness. Everybody can’t deal with seeing a kid that way. When you carry a tyke into the world, you need the specific best for them. You anticipate that everything will be great. A few guardians’ introduction to the world infants with entanglements… some can be redressed through medical procedure and some can’t. A few of us have been honored with youngsters that have no issues by any stretch of the imagination. They can have an independent mind, collaborate with other youngsters their age, and be free. Would you have the capacity to deal with that? You’d be astonished yet everyone can’t deal with it.

You have a few guardians that send their youngsters to psychological well-being bunch homes to live in light of the fact that they don’t fit into their ‘way of life’. I know since I was a Home Manager at Mental Health for a long time. Remember your good fortune! Be appreciative that your infant is solid with a brain to have a problem solving attitude! On the off chance that you see another tyke that requires somewhat more consideration… petition God for them… appeal to God for the guardians since it’s a hard errand. It weighs on them physically and inwardly.

Before I wound up pregnant I would dependably say that I would not like to have a tyke that required additional consideration. Be that as it may, guess what? When I had my little girl, the majority of that left the window. That first take a gander at her had me head over slopes for her. I express gratitude toward God that she is sound and autonomous. I can’t envision cherishing her any more than I do now, however it is conceivable. In the event that she had any complexities I would love her considerably more. Why? Since it wouldn’t be her blame. It wouldn’t be anyone’s blame. She would at present be impeccable in my eyes… more than culminate. I would love her harder than I do now. I would secure her more than I do now. That appears to be unimaginable notwithstanding for me, however trust me, I would be much more enamored with her. Far more than I do now.

Alicia E.


The Presence Of A Woman

I can recollect the day when my mother and close relatives wouldn’t enable a man to disregard them. Men in those days comprehended what NOT to state. Men today discuss whatever rings a bell. They say whatever rings a bell. What do we do? We snicker about it. I can’t disclose to you how frequently I have perused a status (from a man) talking about a lady’s menstrual cycle and everything else our bodies experience. Since I am a lady, it annoys me. I wish a man would converse with me that way. They shouldn’t feel sufficiently great to transparently discuss the progressions that our bodies experience. It’s exceptionally ill bred and we let them escape with it excessively. Indeed we are largely grown-ups, however that doesn’t give them the privilege to open their traps about it.

I don’t manage absurdity period. There is a nearness that I convey that doesn’t enable men to attempt me in that way. You will dependably have maybe a couple that may sneak past, yet you better know he will eat those words. I use to ask why folks wouldn’t approach me as much when I went out. I made sense of it. They understand they are within the sight of a lady. Women when you influence it to up in your psyche… ? It demonstrates all finished you! It’ll appear in your walk, the way you talk, the way you look, the way you sit/stand, and in particular the way you dress. At the point when a kid is within the sight of a lady it’s scaring. They will be pulled in to you, yet they won’t know how to approach you. You need to change your attitude. It begins in your mind first.

Try not to give anybody a chance to slight you as a lady. I couldn’t care less it’s identity. It takes a considerable measure to be a lady and you shouldn’t enable anybody to detract from that. A man wouldn’t have the capacity to deal with our monthly visits. He wouldn’t have the capacity to overcome those nine months. He wouldn’t have the capacity to endure our arrangements like clockwork.

Regard is the thing that we require from them. Make them.


Alicia E.


The Burdens of Our Children

I met a multi year old young woman yesterday. She has the trustworthiness of a child, yet her mother trusts that it’s okay to dress her up in tight articles of clothing. The dress that she was wearing was so tight. It looked like something I would wear and it made me to a great degree annoy. I couldn’t take it. I should be direct, the essential envisioned that evoked genuine emotion when I saw her mom was to slap her. In any case, what may that clarify? Truly nothing. I should show the love for Christ paying little heed to how I may feel. It’s basic that I show God’s worship. I beg that I get a chance to fill that young woman’s life. I ask that God uses me in that condition.

I went to a little function for my girl’s specialty class and whatever I could see was the weight everywhere on their little faces. It shouldn’t be that way! They are so youthful! They shouldn’t wear stress everywhere on their appearances! The guardians aren’t dressing them like children any longer. Just God recognizes what they’re managing at home.

Ruler I request that you shield our children from any damage! Anything that possibly going on that is concealed, convey it to the light! Lift each weight that they might convey! Sparkle your light on each dull circumstance!

Guardians we need to improve the situation about bringing up our children! We don’t have sufficient energy to be narrow minded! The children are here at this point! They needn’t bother with a companion, they require a mother and a dad! We need to shield them from peril! A portion of the children are in risk in their own homes! They rely upon us to secure them! They rely upon us to settle on the correct choices! They rely upon us to take great care of them! They shouldn’t need to stress over where their next dinner will originate from! They shouldn’t need to stress over mother’s beau contacting them!

Make their lives as simple as could be expected under the circumstances! We need to arrange our lives according to the Word so we can settle on the best choices! God is the appropriate response! Some person’s youngster is being contacted at home and they don’t comprehend why! Put your necessities to the side and consider your kids! They require you more than you require that man! Petition God for the soul of acumen with the goal that you will realize what not to do!


Alicia E.

A Secret Weapon Is Meant To Be Kept A Secret!

Women, women, women. I don’t recognize what it will take for you to understand your value. No man will regard you on the off chance that you don’t regard yourself. A few of us have turned out to be so frantic to have a bit of a man that we will effectively keep the man. You need to set the standard.

In the event that a man can’t set aside the opportunity to become more acquainted with you, he doesn’t should become more acquainted with whatever is left of you. Some of you are sharing the majority of your room traps to the world for the viewing pleasure of anyone passing by. You are giving without end excessively too early AND to the wrong individual. They are not going to reveal to you any extraordinary. They need to see! Be that as it may, when he abandons you (since he will after he utilizes you up) he will wed the lady that gave him the hardest time. The lady that declined to kiss him on the primary date… the lady that got a state of mind since she declined to twerk total… the lady that wouldn’t demonstrate her treats in his DM. The lady that wouldn’t fret demonstrating to him the entryway on the off chance that he needed to take off.

She will be the one he needs on the grounds that in his mind?…even however it’s hard, she’s definitely justified even despite the pause. On the off chance that he truly needs somebody worth having he will relax. She will be the lady at the forefront of his thoughts since he can’t exactly make sense of her.

Simply chill and pause! Twerking, bosom shots, and sex WILL NOT keep a man! It will get you one for the occasion, however it won’t keep him.

Alicia E.

Say No To Social Media!

Guardians! On the off chance that you need to check your child’s web-based social networking accounts? …they are excessively youthful, making it impossible to have one. Knock what the world is doing! You need to consider these things previously you disclose to them YES! It appears to be innocuous, yet it’s extremely destructive to their psyche! For hell’s sake, we can’t deal with it with regards to us(parents)! An excess of is going on the present moment! I know you think you have everything on bolt yet you don’t!

QUESTION: Do you truly surmise that you can ensure them after that?

🙋 I know the appropriate response!! No!

Consider the DMs you get consistently. Do you truly figure your child isn’t getting a similar sort of messages? Also, you know what else? They are getting them and they are not going to let you know. Why?  Because they like the consideration. It’s extraordinary. Somebody really discovers them alluring. Society has turned our children mind imagining that you need to look a specific method to be viewed as wonderful or attractive. It doesn’t make a difference what mother and father think, they have it in their psyche of what they figure they should resemble. Presenting your kid to the web is more terrible than enabling them to go out on the town to a film. A motion picture date use to be alright to do. Truly, a motion picture date could turn out terrible, however it’s a mind thing with web based life.

Everything necessary is a couple of messages in your tyke’s inbox and an outsider could have their brain. Pre-teenagers and adolescents are helpless for consideration. Things are going ahead with their body and they are endeavoring to modify. They wouldn’t know how to deal with a more abnormal informing them EVERY morning “great morning lovely/nice looking.” Eventually they will have them folded over their finger. Young ladies converse with me constantly and they experience a considerable measure. I’m not astonished in light of the fact that I was much the same as them!

A considerable measure of adolescents are missing from home not on the grounds that they were grabbed… but rather in light of the fact that they fled from home to be with somebody they met on the web. I see everything the time with young ladies, however young men are getting it as well. Young men are gotten up to speed with more seasoned ladies since she was his first. You don’t have the foggiest idea about what’s new with your child. He’s getting back home later than normal and you can’t inspire him to open up to you. That is on the grounds that a cougar has gotten in his mind! I have seen it too often. I’m only the delivery person however.

Shield your children from this barbarous world as long as you can. It enables when you to impart your encounters to them. Not all that matters, but rather certain things will enable them to comprehend somewhat better. At the point when my girl has questions I answer them sensibly and she gets it. Try not to misunderstand me, children will attempt things, however a few things you can keep from happening.

Closing down,

Alicia E.


Are You Acing Your Tests?

LADIES!! When are you going to ace your test? You know the one that keeps reappearing over and over again? The one that you constantly fail even though you know the outcome? Yeah that one! What is it going to take for you to ace it?

You’re asking for a husband, but every time your ex calls you…you know the one that hits just the right spot?…but he’s no good for you or to you? Yeah him…you answer the phone KNOWING you don’t need to be with him because all he brings is pain and disappointments. Let him go! Change your number…block him…whatever it takes because your husband is right around the way looking at you like…Screenshot_2016-04-25-08-50-28-1.png he’s waiting on a GO, but you’re still looking back at ol’ boy! ACE YOUR TEST!

You want a new job, but you refuse to go to work, or do the work that has already been handed to you. Your new job is waiting for you! ACE YOUR TEST! You want to lose a few pounds, but you hate the thought of having to cook or sweat. It won’t lose itself! You have to put in the work! Your blessing is RIGHT THERE! ACE YOUR TEST! If you would just tighten up you’ll get it! Go ahead and pass it! I know it’s hard, I have failed tests over and over again, but I pressed through it because I knew that better was waiting for me!!

God is not going to bless you as long as your old mess still has a hold on you! The test is designed specifically for you so that you can overcome and pass it! Passing the test (your weakness) will show him that you don’t need/want it and you’re ready to move on to bigger and better! It’s not easy but it’s worth it!


Alicia E. Andrews

Who Are You To Judge?

I would like to write about this whole Ciara, Future, Russell, and baby Future situation. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Ciara allowing Russell to play such a big role in baby Future’s life. I see and read a lot of things, but I choose not to say anything because I honestly get tired of repeating myself.

It amazes me that some people have so much to say about something they know nothing about. Before I write anything else let me be clear…this blog is addressing the things that I have seen and read.

If Future was involved in his child’s life like he claims to be…there wouldn’t be any bashing to begin with. We can’t judge someone looking in from the outside. Ciara has a God fearing man that doesn’t mind taking on the role as a father. This is something that every woman wants…someone to fill that void in their child’s life.

Future may not be doing all he could be doing. Some fathers only come around when it’s beneficial to them. They make up this big lie to make the mother look bad, but it’s him doing all the dirty work. I’m happy for her! Every woman deserves a good man that she can depend on in that way!


I have a few questions fellas…

  1. When the mother of your child calls you because the child needs medication are you available?
  2. Do you volunteer to pick up your child without her or the child having to ask?
  3. Do you take off from work or cancel plans to take care of your child?


4. Is your work schedule planned around your child’s schedule?


  1. When the mother runs into a little problem financially…are you stepping up or handing out excuses?


These are all the things a mother does. We sacrifice a lot to make sure that the child is taken care of whether the father is present or not. We plan our lives around them. You have some fathers that could care less about what the child needs because they know it’ll get done one way or another…but will show up when all the hard work has been done. Don’t get in your feelings about what another man is doing for your child if you refuse to do it! Be there like you needed someone there for you!


The Old vs. The New

I wondered why a certain person would always remind me of my past…the way I would go off and curse someone out if things weren’t flowing the way they should. I asked God why and he told me. The reason why he brings it up is because he can’t relate to me on this level. He doesn’t know how to communicate in this new and improved language.

Anytime someone brings up the way you use to act, or the way they expect you to act when something comes up is not to be petty…they know you’ve changed for the better, but they don’t know how to communicate on that level. They’re comfortable on the old level because that’s all the person knows.

Don’t get offended by it…just remind them that you have changed. I’m still the same person. I can cut you with my words wearing a smile on my face. That’s the way you want to conduct yourself. It feels so good to be able to say what needs to be said and still act and talk like a lady.


 Alicia E. Andrews