My Preloved Blessing

Let me tell y’all how good God is!! I just recently got back into modeling. I did one show in August, and I have two more shows coming up in the next two months. With all of these shows being back to back I need more stilettos. I prayed about it because heels are expensive, especially if you want the good’re looking to spend $40 and up for a nice pair of heels. We(us women) wanna be cute..either you buy the cheap pair that tears up pretty quick and have your toes hurtin..or you pay a nice little price and your shoes last longer and they’re comfortable. Well, I have expensive taste and sometimes me and my checking account be on different pages lol. So I don’t buy them as often as I would like to. But I was prepared to buy some in the next week or so. Monday morning I came to work, and one of the ladies stopped me in the hallway and asked what size shoes I wear…I said “An 8 1/2!” She said, “I have some shoes at home that I don’t wear anymore, I’ll bring them to you!” I told her thank you. As soon as I got alone I thanked God because I knew it was nobody but Him. God knows exactly what you need when you need it! I was scrambling my brain because I didn’t wanna spend that money on shoes just yet. When you have bills and a kid…you gotta put the wants to the side for a minute and handle ya business. To make a long story short…she brought the shoes to me today. I didn’t expect it but…she gave me a huge Belk bag filled with DESIGNER shoes! BCBG, Aldo, Jessica Simpson, and Nine West to name a few! I am so grateful for my blessing! I prayed about it and left it up to God..and what did He do? He took care of it! I didn’t have to spend a dime on not one shoe! I have a variety of color and I have Jessica Simpson pumps in black and nude! And the shoes don’t even look like they’ve been worn! Now I have to find some more room for the new addition. An overflow is what He just blessed me with! I pray that He allows me to be a blessing to her in return! Some people wouldn’t agree to wearing someone else’s shoes…I see it as a blessing! God will take care of you! All you have to do is be patient! That is all He asks of you!


I Didn’t See This One Comin’

Soooo, I started a blog. I don’t know what happened…my intentions were to record videos since my statuses have gotten longer. It went from video talk, to starting a blog site. I still can’t believe this just happened lol. I guess He had more planned for me than I had planned for I’m just goin with the flow! I wanted to make sure that everyone could receive the messages that God has given me. I have such a strong desire to lead people (especially young women) in the right direction. Whether it’s in Christ, relationships, or everyday problems. I created this blog site to express my true feelings about situations I have gone through…things that I have seen or and healthy eating…lessons that I’ve learned the hard way. Sometimes it’ll be harsh truth, but the ones that need to read it will understand that I come from a real place. It’s all love at the end of the day!

Alicia A.