I Survived The Fight!

PhotoGrid_1444546008922PhotoGrid_1444595156811I had the most wonderful experience this weekend! I was apart of a fashion show (Purple Is Royalty-Stomp The Violence) that brought awareness to domestic violence! I also had a chance to meet new people and make new connections! This particular show was very important to me because I too have experienced domestic violence. The first time he hit me..all I could think about was how weak he really was! Most women that are in this situation are afraid..but for me, it was different, I wasn’t afraid! I didn’t feel the need to be! I fought back like my life depended on it! I lost all of the respect that I had for him after that! He got no love from me! I played on his weaknesses! I dogged him physically, verbally, and emotionally! I even told him to his face how weak he was and that he wasn’t a man for putting his hands on me! Of course that led to more fights and arguments..but I didn’t care because I wanted him to feel the pain he was causing me! I NEVER called the police! I should have, but I felt like I could handle him on my own! The physical abuse didn’t happen as often as the verbal and emotional abuse..but from my experience it’s worse! The words hurt because I never thought I would hear them from someone that loved me! The constant manipulation day after day..walking around angry at everyone! Lifting my spirits ONLY to let me down all in one breath! Instead of trusting me he drove around town just to see if I was telling the truth! Trust is everything! If you don’t have that, you don’t have a relationship! But I NEVER backed down and I NEVER gave in! I thought that fighting back was okay to do! I thought that fighting back meant that I was strong and I could handle anything! But that wasn’t something that I should have to put up with…waking up to bruises on my body from fighting! One day I got tired of arguing and fighting and I left him! Was it easy to do? Absolutely not! It took lots of prayer and courage..and it took me years to get over him, but I did what was best for me! It wasn’t a healthy relationship and he couldn’t love me because he didn’t love himself! That was the best decision I have ever made!! I can truly say that I am a survivor!! I don’t look like what I’ve gone through!! I went to war..fought..and came out alive!! Ladies don’t let this happen to you! Don’t be someone else’s punching bag! You deserve the very best! Being abused does not mean he loves you..baby he doesn’t even love himself! If you are in this situation get out now!! Everyone doesn’t make it out..some women end up being killed!! There is a way out!! I don’t care if you are married LEAVE!! Where there is a will there is a way!! And don’t be ashamed! It is not your fault! He had issues way before you! Stand up and fight but get out of there!

#DomesticViolence #ISurvived #SoCanYou #TheStrideOfGod


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