Where’s The Innocent Love?

We have all been hurt in some way, but love is still very much alive! These men want to love you, but they have been hurt too. Before you except that date with this next guy..ask yourself.. Am I ready to trust another man? Will I accuse him of cheating before I give him a chance? Don’t take another wounded man in if you know you’re not gonna give him a fair chance. He may just be the one you need but you won’t see it because you’ve already placed a label on his head! As women, we shouldn’t have the mentality of sleeping around with a cold heart. It’s hurt piled on top of more hurt! Sex is to be shared with your spouse…two people that have unconditional love for one another. You will never get the full impact on what sex really is until you have that one person that you can call YOUR OWN..sharing unselfish love with each other! Start YOUR healing process..when he sends that man your way..with wounds on his heart..the both of you can heal each other’s wounds. It takes time and you have to be willing to trust! If you open up to him, it will allow him to see that he can open up to you! If you know the guy has no intentions on giving you the very best don’t waste your time! He’s tired of being hurt and doesnt plan on giving you a chance. Let’s get back to that innocent love!!!!


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