Your Responsibility Is The One Suffering

I don’t like talking about certain things because some people take it the wrong way and run with it. But today I don’t care…I’m not here to talk about my personal business, I’m here to express how some single parenting women may be feeling. I have a few questions. Why can’t you (men) take responsibility for your kid(s)? Why do we (women) have to pick up your slack in what was supposed to be co parenting? Why can’t we make the best decisions for the child together? Why do we (women) have to be the only ones on call because we (women) know that you (men) won’t be there? Why are we (women) always taking our last dollar to make sure the kid(s) have what they need? You (men) brag about your kid(s) to other people…you take all the pictures your memory can hold of them and post them on every social site you have an account on…but do the MINIMUM in taking care of them! We (women) can’t get one CENT out of you (men) to help and make sure YOUR SEED has what they NEED! But you (men) go and purchase everything you WANT! We (women) have a hard time finding a suitable man for ourselves and the child(ren) because they don’t want to be apart of unresolved issues…but you (men) have women dying to be with you, and she doesn’t care whether you take care of yours or not! It’s not fair to the babies…they never asked to be here! They are supposed to be OUR responsibility, but you (men) turned it into our (women) responsibility! We (women) shouldn’t have to ask you (men) for anything. It makes us (women) wonder if you ever loved them at all! As long as we are still girlfriend and boyfriend or married you (men) do everything you can to make sure they eat! But as soon as we break up you (men) dip out, and we (women) can’t get anything from you (men)! We (women) didn’t lay down and have them ourselves! It takes two to make them, and it takes two to raise them! It’s not fair that we (women) have to put our lives on hold when you (men) get to live freely with what seems like no worries…when you have EVERY reason to be worried because your kid doesn’t have a FATHER to be there for them! We (women) can’t be mama AND daddy. A woman can’t teach a boy on how to be a man! A woman can’t show a girl how a man should treat her! The father has to be an example on how a lady should be treated by the opposite sex. Mama can tell them, but they have to see it being done. You (men) have to be an example to your kid(s). You (men) are that little boy’s hero! You (men) are that little girl’s first love! Those kids love the hell out of you (men)!! And all you (men) do is hurt them!! That feeling of a broken heart starts at home! And don’t think for one second that your kid(s) don’t know the difference! They know and they express themselves to us (women) about how you (men) make them feel! They may be cute, innocent, and easy to forgive right now…but one day they are going to let you (men) have it and you won’t expect it! It’s going to hurt a lot worse than our wallets being on empty! There is nothing worse than being rejected by YOUR OWN DNA! I asked my father questions that he wasn’t ready to answer! We are okay now, but even to this day…he has a world of hurt all over his face because of what he DIDN’T do! DON’T LET THAT BE YOU!!


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