I’m Tired

Everyday I think about deleting my account from Facebook for good. There is so much ignorance and stupidity floating around social media. I just want to end it all, but there is nothing I can do. Up and down my timeline is a bunch of wasted profiles. I’m the type of person that wants to help people…shed some light on their situations, motivate and inspire anyone that’s willing to read or listen. Because I am that way, I easily become agitated with some of the things that people post. Everyone is free to do, say, or post whatever they please because it’s their account. But why can’t we grow up at some point in life? Why do some of us choose to stay where we are? Instead of growing past the things that mean the least. Facebook has this feature called ‘See Your Memories’. Everyday I look back at mines and I’m ashamed of the things I said and how I said it. I have pictures that I’m ashamed of simply because they weren’t representing me as a young woman should. I see some of the same things I use to do on my timeline today. How do you do that without feeling some type of way about it? I’m tired of seeing women degrade themselves for a ‘like’ and small talk through a messenger app. I’m tired of seeing women making videos of wisdom, but they have half of their breast out saying cheese for the camera. I’m tired of seeing women trying to be and act like men when it comes to being real just to get the man’s attention. We all of a sudden play Madden and Call of Duty in our down time. No we don’t! Not all, but some women lie about these things just to get attention. I’m tired of seeing women call themselves and each other bitches and hoes. Y’all make me sick with that! Every word out of your mouth is degrading! Cussing like a bitter old man that’s ready to leave before his time! I’m guilty of this, ESPECIALLY when I get upset, but there is nothing cute or cool about cussing! It makes us look very ugly on the outside and a man wouldn’t be pleased with his woman cussing every two minutes. I’m tired of seeing women claiming someone who doesn’t belong to them. Get your own man before somebody lay you out! I don’t play that…don’t even play around with me! I have seen some women go along with it…ain’t nothing funny about somebody claiming your man. Chill with all that! I’m tired of women posting up what they do sexually. That’s nobody’s business, and you should be ashamed to say anything especially when you still single with three babies. I’m not sorry for saying that because it’s true. You did all that with baby daddy but that didn’t keep him. I think it’s time for you to try something new, maybe you’ll be able to keep this one if you keep your legs and mouth closed. Sex will get a man, but it won’t keep him.  I’m tired of women confessing their problems to Facebook when half of your friend list is rejoicing about it. They don’t care about you or your problems. Don’t let NOBODY see you down! Don’t ever let them see you sweat! Some things are meant to keep to yourself. Some people will use things against you if you are not careful. I’m tired of seeing stripper and twerk videos. I’m tired of people posting up pictures of their sick loved ones. Why would you want a reminder of what they went through? The memory in your mind is enough. I’m tired of people expressing their feelings(every 5 minutes) towards someone who died. I’m sorry for your loss, but you should have said those things while they were here. I’m tired of seeing fight videos. I’m tired of seeing men post pictures and videos of money and guns. All you doin is setting yourself up. Feds will be at your door because you don’t have a real job. And guns…? Yea, we know you scared to fight. You tryna warn somebody from a distance. Stop showing your hand(no poker face)…it’s embarrassing. I’m sick of seeing these dramatic transformations(makeup) being done. Nobody is natural anymore. Men don’t know what or who they are taking home to mama smh. I’m tired of seeing meat pistols floating around on my timeline. I’m tired of seeing men lust over strangers that they will never meet in real life. It’s not that serious and you need to find a new hobby. I’m going to keep my account open, but I won’t be there like I use to be. I have to be there for the ones that appreciate the things I post about. I have to remember the ones that need me. I have to remind myself of the bigger picture. It’s not about me anymore, but the ones around me. Social media isn’t what it use to be. It use to be about catching up with old friends, opportunity and networking. Now it’s about absolutely NOTHING…just a waste of time. Maybe one day it’ll get better.


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