The Company You Keep Is Everything

This blog is about dating individuals that could be bad for business. I have experienced this in previous relationships and friendships. Make sure your significant other doesn’t have a problem communicating with other people. I’m not saying that you have to be buddy-buddy with everyone you meet, but it is necessary that you know how to carry on a conversation with different individuals. When it comes to business it doesn’t matter. This level of pettiness has been played out! Ladies and gentleman be careful…you may be dating someone who will have all of your connections messed up…all because they don’t like talking to certain people! I had to leave these type of people behind. You will never get anywhere being that way! I don’t like talking to everybody I see…but when it comes to business, I push all of that to the side. Some of you have supervisors and co workers that you can’t stand…but you talk to them because you have to. You don’t have a choice. Well, you have a choice…handle it or lose your job.

If you are with someone who has a problem talking just go ahead and dismiss yourself. They are only holding you back from something greater. I use to make excuses for friends that were this way. I think back on it now and it was stupid. Make sure you have someone with a business head. Someone that can have a conversation strictly about business AND close the deal. You don’t have time for small stuff anymore. You don’t know who you may come across just by talking. You will miss your own blessing because you stuck on something you did in school. You could get away with it in school. Your only responsibility was to bring home good grades.This is the real world now. If you don’t do it, it will never get done.

Another thing, make sure your significant other’s appearance is approachable. Business minded individuals don’t want to see pants hanging down or an outfit suitable for nightlife. Do not come out like that if you want to be taken serious. You are giving them something to laugh about later at lunch. I have seen this too many times with my age group. Come out of your comfort zone. Try something new. You just might like it.


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