Real Or Nah?

It tickles me to hear or read other people’s view on a certain person. They go on and on about how down-to-earth and humble they are… When I met them or came across them, all I saw was arrogance, a big nose held high with a smirk on their face. I questioned how they came up with that because I didn’t see it. Later on it came to me. They ACT a certain way around certain people. If they don’t think you’re worth the time they won’t utter a word, and you won’t get the same response like everyone else.

If they look down on certain people, please know they look down on you too. These type of people think they’re better than everybody. You may associate with the same circle of people, but they are all for themselves and they really don’t like you! Ain’t nothin genuine about them…just puttin on a real good front. I use to hate that, but I appreciate it more than ever now! I’m happy to know who they really are! I don’t have to wonder if they bout what they say! I can see what some of you don’t! God made me in the most perfect way…it takes a real person to except me for who I am! Stop forming clicks thinkin you got a loyal team! You don’t! They waitin on you to slack up! As soon as you do they’re gonna act like they never knew you! Stay to yourself!

I know that where God is taking me I have to have a team to help me get there! But until then I don’t want any part of it! These fools ain’t loyal! When HE sends them…that’s when I’ll trust it! #beenburnedtoomanytimes




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