Speak Up!

I want to talk about the statuses I post about on a daily basis. I noticed that some people have an opinion about what I have to say. I’m okay with that. I know that everyone won’t like what I have to say…everyone won’t see my point of view…I get it. I see a lot of things that shouldn’t go on. Some situations could be handled differently. I see the deeper side of things…I can see the ending results of another person’s actions.

I have made dumb decisions in my life and because of that I try and help other people. Everyone doesn’t want help…I get that. But for the ones that are looking for a way out, I can reach out to them. Do I have it all together? Hell no. But I want to be the one they can count on. Some people don’t cry out for help. They keep it bottled up and seek inspiration and encouragement in secret.

Some of you would rather keep quiet about certain things because it doesn’t pertain to you. Because it’s not an issue for you, you don’t see the reason in saying anything…even though you know it’s wrong or it was a better way to handle it. That’s the problem! Nobody wants to set an example! Nobody wants to get involved! Nobody wants to make a difference! Some of you would rather not speak out about certain things because of your friends! If you were a friend you would speak up!

If I was just like some of you, I wouldn’t say a word and I wouldn’t speak on it. But that’s what I’m most passionate about…encouraging and inspiring other women! Occasionally I’ll have something for the men! That’s who I am! If you don’t like it that’s fine! I’m gonna be who I am! How can anyone change for the better if you don’t say what’s needed to be said? Y’all see the problem and ignore it like it’s okay. It’s not! Everyone has a reason for the things they do. Start speaking up! Instead of watching them make those mistakes that could turn into a bigger problem, reach out and help them! They are screaming in silence! I have been quiet long enough! I will do what is expected of me and that’s to help people!


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