The Old vs. The New

I wondered why a certain person would always remind me of my past…the way I would go off and curse someone out if things weren’t flowing the way they should. I asked God why and he told me. The reason why he brings it up is because he can’t relate to me on this level. He doesn’t know how to communicate in this new and improved language.

Anytime someone brings up the way you use to act, or the way they expect you to act when something comes up is not to be petty…they know you’ve changed for the better, but they don’t know how to communicate on that level. They’re comfortable on the old level because that’s all the person knows.

Don’t get offended by it…just remind them that you have changed. I’m still the same person. I can cut you with my words wearing a smile on my face. That’s the way you want to conduct yourself. It feels so good to be able to say what needs to be said and still act and talk like a lady.


 Alicia E. Andrews


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