Who Are You To Judge?

I would like to write about this whole Ciara, Future, Russell, and baby Future situation. Everyone seems to have an opinion about Ciara allowing Russell to play such a big role in baby Future’s life. I see and read a lot of things, but I choose not to say anything because I honestly get tired of repeating myself.

It amazes me that some people have so much to say about something they know nothing about. Before I write anything else let me be clear…this blog is addressing the things that I have seen and read.

If Future was involved in his child’s life like he claims to be…there wouldn’t be any bashing to begin with. We can’t judge someone looking in from the outside. Ciara has a God fearing man that doesn’t mind taking on the role as a father. This is something that every woman wants…someone to fill that void in their child’s life.

Future may not be doing all he could be doing. Some fathers only come around when it’s beneficial to them. They make up this big lie to make the mother look bad, but it’s him doing all the dirty work. I’m happy for her! Every woman deserves a good man that she can depend on in that way!


I have a few questions fellas…

  1. When the mother of your child calls you because the child needs medication are you available?
  2. Do you volunteer to pick up your child without her or the child having to ask?
  3. Do you take off from work or cancel plans to take care of your child?


4. Is your work schedule planned around your child’s schedule?


  1. When the mother runs into a little problem financially…are you stepping up or handing out excuses?


These are all the things a mother does. We sacrifice a lot to make sure that the child is taken care of whether the father is present or not. We plan our lives around them. You have some fathers that could care less about what the child needs because they know it’ll get done one way or another…but will show up when all the hard work has been done. Don’t get in your feelings about what another man is doing for your child if you refuse to do it! Be there like you needed someone there for you!



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