Say No To Social Media!

Parents! If you have to check your kid’s social media accounts? …they are too young to have one. Bump what the world is doing! You have to think about these things before you tell them YES! It seems harmless, but it’s very harmful to their mind! Hell, we can’t handle it when it comes to us(parents)! Too much is going on right now! I know you think you have everything on lock but you don’t!


QUESTION: Do you really think that you can protect them after that?

🙋 I know the answer!! No!


Think about the DMs you receive on a daily basis. Do you really think your kid isn’t getting the same type of messages? And you know what else? They are receiving them and they are not going to tell you. Why?  Because they like the attention. It’s different. Someone actually finds them attractive. Society has twisted our kids mind thinking that you have to look a certain way to be considered beautiful or handsome. It doesn’t matter what mom and dad think, they have it in their mind of what they think they should look like. Exposing your child to the internet is worse than allowing them to go on a date to a movie. A movie date use to be okay to do. Yes, a movie date could turn out bad, but it’s a mind thing with social media.

All it takes is a few messages in your child’s inbox and a stranger could have their mind. Pre-teens and teens are vulnerable for attention. Things are going on with their body and they are trying to adjust. They wouldn’t know how to handle a stranger messaging them EVERY morning “good morning beautiful/handsome.” Eventually they will have them wrapped around their finger. Young women talk to me all the time and they go through a lot. I’m not surprised because I was just like them!

A lot of teenagers are missing from home not because they were kidnapped…but because they ran away from home to be with someone they met online. I see it all the time with girls, but boys are catching it too. Young boys are caught up with older women because she was his first. You don’t know what’s going on with your son. He’s coming home later than usual and you can’t get him to open up to you. That’s because a cougar has gotten in his head! I have seen it too many times. I’m just the messenger though.

Protect your kids from this cruel world as long as you can. It helps when you share your experiences with them. Not everything, but certain things will help them understand a little better. When my daughter has questions I answer them realistically and she gets it. Don’t get me wrong, kids will try things, but some things you can prevent from happening.


Signing off,

Alicia E. Andrews



Are You Acing Your Tests?

LADIES!! When are you going to ace your test? You know the one that keeps reappearing over and over again? The one that you constantly fail even though you know the outcome? Yeah that one! What is it going to take for you to ace it?

You’re asking for a husband, but every time your ex calls you…you know the one that hits just the right spot?…but he’s no good for you or to you? Yeah him…you answer the phone KNOWING you don’t need to be with him because all he brings is pain and disappointments. Let him go! Change your number…block him…whatever it takes because your husband is right around the way looking at you like…Screenshot_2016-04-25-08-50-28-1.png he’s waiting on a GO, but you’re still looking back at ol’ boy! ACE YOUR TEST!

You want a new job, but you refuse to go to work, or do the work that has already been handed to you. Your new job is waiting for you! ACE YOUR TEST! You want to lose a few pounds, but you hate the thought of having to cook or sweat. It won’t lose itself! You have to put in the work! Your blessing is RIGHT THERE! ACE YOUR TEST! If you would just tighten up you’ll get it! Go ahead and pass it! I know it’s hard, I have failed tests over and over again, but I pressed through it because I knew that better was waiting for me!!

God is not going to bless you as long as your old mess still has a hold on you! The test is designed specifically for you so that you can overcome and pass it! Passing the test (your weakness) will show him that you don’t need/want it and you’re ready to move on to bigger and better! It’s not easy but it’s worth it!


Alicia E. Andrews