A Secret Weapon Is Meant To Be Kept A Secret!

Ladies, ladies, ladies. I don’t know what it’s going to take for you to realize your worth. No man will respect you if you don’t respect yourself. Some of us have become so desperate to have a piece of a man that we will do anything to keep the man. You have to set the standard.

If a man can’t take the time to get to know you, he doesn’t deserve to get to know the rest of you. Some of you are sharing all of your bedroom tricks to the world for everyone to see. You are giving away too much too soon AND to the wrong person. They are not going to tell you any different. They want to see! But as soon as he leaves you (because he will after he uses you up) he is going to marry the woman that gave him the hardest time. The woman that refused to kiss him on the first date…the woman that caught an attitude because she refused to twerk sum…the woman that wouldn’t show her goodies in his DM. The woman that didn’t mind showing him the door if he wanted to leave.

She will be the one he wants because in his mind?…even though it’s hard, she’s well worth the wait. If he really wants someone worth having he’s going to chill out. She will be the woman on his mind because he can’t quite figure her out.


Just chill and wait! Twerking, breast shots, and sex WILL NOT keep a man! It will get you one for the moment, but it won’t keep him.

Alicia E. Andrews


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