All Children Need Love

It takes a very special individual to love and care for a child that has any type of special need. Autistic children…children with Down syndrome…children with a mental illness…children with a hearing/visual/speech impairment. Everyone can’t handle seeing a child that way. When you bring a child into the world, you want the very best for them. You expect everything to be perfect. Some parents’ birth newborns with complications…some can be corrected through surgery and some can’t. Some of us have been blessed with children that have no problems at all. They can think for themselves, interact with other children their age, and be independent. Would you be able to handle that? You’d be surprised but everybody can’t handle it.

You have some parents that send their children to mental health group homes to live because they don’t fit into their ‘lifestyle’. I know because I was a Home Manager at Mental Health for two years. Count your blessings! Be thankful that your baby is healthy with a mind to think for themselves! If you see another child that requires a little more attention…pray for them…pray for the parents because it’s a hard task. It weighs on them physically and emotionally.

Before I became pregnant I would always say that I didn’t want to have a child that needed extra attention. But you know what? When I had my daughter, all of that went out of the window. That first look at her had me head over hills for her. I thank God that she is healthy and independent. I can’t imagine loving her any more than I do now, but it is possible. If she had any complications I would love her even more. Why? Because it wouldn’t be her fault. It wouldn’t be anybody’s fault. She would still be perfect in my eyes…more than perfect. I would love her harder than I do now. I would protect her more than I do now. That seems impossible even for me, but trust me, I would be even more in love with her. Way more than I do now.

Alicia E. Andrews



The Presence Of A Woman

I can remember back in the day when my mom and aunts wouldn’t allow a man to disrespect them. Men back then knew what NOT to say. Men today talk about whatever comes to mind. They say whatever comes to mind. What do we do? We laugh about it. I can’t tell you how many times I have read a status (from a man) discussing a woman’s menstrual cycle and everything else our bodies go through. Because I am a woman, it rubs me the wrong way. I wish a man would talk to me that way. They shouldn’t feel comfortable enough to openly talk about the changes that our bodies go through. It’s very disrespectful and we let them get away with it too much. Yes we are all adults, but that doesn’t give them the right to open their traps about it.

I don’t deal with foolishness period. There is a presence that I carry that doesn’t allow men to try me in that way. You will always have one or two that may slip by, but you better know he’s going to eat those words. I use to wonder why guys wouldn’t approach me as much when I went out. I figured it out. They realize they are in the presence of a woman. Ladies when you make it up in your mind…? It shows all over you! It’ll show in your walk, the way you talk, the way you look, the way you sit/stand, and most importantly the way you dress. When a boy is in the presence of a woman it’s intimidating. They will be attracted to you, but they won’t know how to approach you. You have to change your mindset. It starts in your mind first.

Don’t let anyone disrespect you as a woman. I don’t care who it is. It takes a lot to be a woman and you shouldn’t allow anyone to take away from that. A man wouldn’t be able to handle our monthly visits. He wouldn’t be able to get through those nine months. He wouldn’t be able to make it through our appointments every six months.

Respect is what we need from them. Make them.


Alicia E. Andrews