All Children Need Love

It takes a very special individual to love and care for a child that has any type of special need. Autistic children…children with Down syndrome…children with a mental illness…children with a hearing/visual/speech impairment. Everyone can’t handle seeing a child that way. When you bring a child into the world, you want the very best for them. You expect everything to be perfect. Some parents’ birth newborns with complications…some can be corrected through surgery and some can’t. Some of us have been blessed with children that have no problems at all. They can think for themselves, interact with other children their age, and be independent. Would you be able to handle that? You’d be surprised but everybody can’t handle it.

You have some parents that send their children to mental health group homes to live because they don’t fit into their ‘lifestyle’. I know because I was a Home Manager at Mental Health for two years. Count your blessings! Be thankful that your baby is healthy with a mind to think for themselves! If you see another child that requires a little more attention…pray for them…pray for the parents because it’s a hard task. It weighs on them physically and emotionally.

Before I became pregnant I would always say that I didn’t want to have a child that needed extra attention. But you know what? When I had my daughter, all of that went out of the window. That first look at her had me head over hills for her. I thank God that she is healthy and independent. I can’t imagine loving her any more than I do now, but it is possible. If she had any complications I would love her even more. Why? Because it wouldn’t be her fault. It wouldn’t be anybody’s fault. She would still be perfect in my eyes…more than perfect. I would love her harder than I do now. I would protect her more than I do now. That seems impossible even for me, but trust me, I would be even more in love with her. Way more than I do now.

Alicia E. Andrews



Can You Afford To Laugh?

I have been seeing and hearing a lot of people laughing about individuals with HIV/AIDS. Why is that funny? Can you afford to laugh? We have all had sex. If you are a virgin, your first time could be your last. These things can come up 10 years later. So how can you honestly be in a position to laugh at someone else’s pain? Yes, some people bring it on themselves. But some of them had no control over it. They were either raped or born with it. It happens! That’s why it’s so important to practice safe sex. I think you should remain celibate until marriage, but some people don’t desire to wait that long. Yes, you can wait until marriage and still get the short end of the stick. That’s a whole other blog. The point is you can’t afford to laugh if you’re still out there doing God knows what with everyone else! You can’t afford to laugh if you’re married, don’t trust your spouse because of adultery, and you still lay with them at night KNOWING he/she is still running in the streets! How can you fix your mouth to say anything about anybody? Especially the thirsty ones that post up pictures every 10 minutes of someone they lust over. You don’t know what they have! They could be infected with everything under the sun, but you want it! Chill with all the laughing! Chill with all the jokes! Because from my understanding, none of us are safe! Your test could turn bad at any given time. Instead of laughing, how about praying that your test doesn’t come back positive. My advice would be to wait, but if you’re going to practice sex, practice SAFE sex. Stop allowing yourselves to get caught up in your feelings THINKING you don’t need protection. That’s a lie! You need it! That may just be the rubber that saves your life!

P.S Sex without unconditional love from your own, with the seal of marriage is absolutely nothing. You’re cutting yourselves short.


It’s Time You Made A Sacrifice

Ladies we shouldn’t hate on one another. What we should be doing is lifting each other up. Everyday I experience hatred from another woman because of the way I look. I can’t stand it because I work hard for the things I desire to have. I don’t like bringing it up to people because they will start looking at me differently, and not in a positive way! If I can do it they can too. Why does it have to be that way? Why can’t we draw positively from one another and move on with our lives. Why does it have to be negative energy clouded around a woman who is simply doing her best in every area of her life? Not to mention, she still has issues with the things she can’t change. I don’t care how beautiful you are…how short you are…how tall you are…how small you are…how big you are…you will always find something about yourself that you don’t like. We(women) are emotional as hell…we’re going to find something wrong! But it’s important to work on the things that can be changed. Don’t just mope around feeling sorry for yourself. Only YOU can change YOU! Eat healthier and make smarter choices when it comes to YOUR body! I for one don’t like certain things about myself. But one thing I do is eat healthy and exercise. I do a damn good job at that! I WISH that I could eat the things that I use to but I can’t! It’s not healthy and it makes you look terrible on the outside! I will be honest, I don’t want those problems! I LOVE bacon and pancakes with Alaga syrup! I LOVE grits LOADED with SHARP cheddar cheese and eggs! I love Steak Out’s BIG burger with cheese! I LOVE Snicker bars, cookies n cream ice cream, and Reese’s cups! OMG I LOVE homemade mac and cheese and dressing! I LOVE German chocolate cake! I LOVE boiled peanuts MARINATED in sodium! I LOVE drinking Root Beer and Fanta! And I also ENJOY alcoholic beverages! Margaritas, different wines, and dark drinks…but I can’t have them! My health is way more important! I LOVE competing and I can’t eat that way and turn around and step on stage thinking everything will be okay! It doesn’t work that way ladies! You have to make a REAL commitment to yourselves that you will make this your way of living! Start TODAY! Make that sacrifice and stick with it! It doesn’t have to be a drastic change from the beginning…start with the small things first! Measuring your portions are VERY important! Don’t over eat just because it’s there! You shouldn’t be stuffed from eating…you should only be satisfied! If you desire to have more wait for 30 minutes to see if you still feel that way! If so, eat something healthy! And eating one BIG meal per day IS NOT going to help you lose weight! What you are doing is slowing down your metabolism making it hard for you to lose weight! Eat three meals per day with a healthy snack in between the time. Eating healthier alone will change you for the better. It gives you tons of energy! If you find yourself taking naps everyday then you should try eating the right foods to give you that boost. Heavy foods make you feel sluggish! I don’t go on diets…I eat clean all the time and it’s not easy maintaining a desirable look! I don’t like what I eat all the time! Sometimes it doesn’t go together! Sometimes it doesn’t count as real food! Some of it has no taste, and some of it has the wrong taste! It really gets under my skin when people do this because they don’t know the sacrifice we made to get this far! But it takes hard work and dedication! So the next time you look at another woman and her body is all the way together, remember that she doesn’t have it easy, and she makes a sacrifice EVERYDAY to maintain her looks and health! Let’s WERK TOGETHER and help one another! Check out my before and after picture…I COMPLAINED but I WERKED while doing it!!